Europe has some of the world's best beaches. If you're looking to get away and spend some time in the sun, then here are some of the hottest spots in Europe. 


Mallorca is an island located off the coast of Spain. It is part of the Balearic Islands. The island is ringed by beautiful beaches. If you are looking to rent a beach villa, you should check out the area around Cala Llombards. It is located on the southern coast, and is close to the capital city. Cala Llombards is a low-key area. The beaches are not packed with tourists.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for the big beach, and lots of fun stuff to do, then you should check out Port d'Alcudia. It is located on the northeast coast. The beaches are brilliant white, and the water is calm. There are lots of big resorts, restaurants and nightclubs.


Zakynthos is a beautiful island located off the coast of Greece, in the Ionian sea. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in all of Europe. The sands are bright white, the water is clear blue, and there are amazing open air caves located all over the coast.

One of the coolest beaches on  Zakynthos is Navagio beach, also known as shipwreck beach or smugglers cove.  It is a secluded cove with huge limestone cliffs surrounding it, and a giant shipwreck on the beach. You will have to take a ferry to the beach because it is not accessible from land.

A fun day trip would be going out to the famous blue caves; you can take a tour boat that will take you out and explore them.

If you're looking to stay for a while, then check out the town of Vasilikos. There are villas to rent, nice seafood restaurants, and local music.


If you're not looking to go to an island, then you should consider Marbella. It is a coastal town located in southern Spain. It's located on the Sun Coast, right on the Mediterranean Sea.

There are lots of fun things to do in Marbella. You can visit the Old Town, a historic section that has amazing architecture, when your day at the beach is done. Then you can check out the different local restaurants.

If you're looking for an amazing beach, check out Playa de Alicate. It's a huge beach that has paddle boarding, calm water for swimming, and is close to shops and other amenities.