A yacht wedding can be a romantic way to celebrate your nuptials in high luxury. Whether you want a glamorous affair near a large city, or a more serene and intimate wedding out amongst the waves, a yacht wedding will be memorable. The following guide can help you plan the wedding successfully.

Tip #1: Determine your wedding size

Much like choosing any venue, a yacht wedding plan begins with the guest list. Yachts range in size and price, with the larger boats holding a few hundred guests and the smaller yachts only a few guests. Naturally, larger yachts typically cost more to rent. Fortunately, this cost is offset by the fact that the yacht is both the wedding venue and the location of the reception, so there is no extra charges for dual venues or transportation between venues. Once you have a guest list estimate, you can contact yacht charter companies for costs.

Tip #2: Find out about catering

Another place where you may be able to save is on catering. Many yacht charters also offer full catering services, which includes cooks, serving staff, and event furnishings. Since this is part of the package, you won't need to spend extra hiring caterers and renting furnishings. Smaller yachts may not offer on-board catering services, although you likely won't need to supply tables and chairs. They also may not have a full galley. In this case, you will need to cater your own wedding and make sure that the menu meets the capabilities of the yacht. A cocktail service with drinks and hors d'oeuvres works well in this situation, since you can opt for food that doesn't need preparation once it is on the yacht.

Tip #3: Don't overlook the extras

All-inclusive yacht packages can be the simplest and a budget friendly option, since you won't have to pay for each service independently. Ask the charter company if they can provide the following services:

  • Decorations

  • Entertainment

  • Dance floor

  • Photographer/videographer

  • Bar service

The more inclusive services provided, the less additional expenses and planning is necessary on your part. This can be most cost effective for a larger wedding. If your budget is extremely tight, though, it may be better to opt for a small yacht wedding and provide your own music, photographer, food and decorations.

Contact yacht charter companies like Sea of Love in your area to begin pricing and planning the wedding of your dreams.