Motocross is a sport that is enjoyable to spectators and competitors. This sport is a natural draw because it is thrilling and brings excitement. If you are a rider, then you may find it hard to ride during the winter months. You should consider Spain MX holiday packages through a place like Paradise MX Holiday Spain to maintain your training.

Great Weather

If you stay in an area that has wet winters, then you will find it hard to get in riding time. In wet areas, the tracks become wet and muddy, which is not the safest conditions. It is also hard to ride when its freezing cold outside. Planning a trip to Southern Spain allows you to enjoy endless hours of sun.  It may be winter in the United States, but the weather is great this time of year in Spain.

Track Variety

You can choose from a variety of tracks that vary in distance. It all depends on how far you want to travel.  Tracks are available for riders on different levels from beginner to professional.  Many tracks are in the Almeria, Granada, and Murcia regions. The locations and different styles are made to challenge riders.

Motocross tracks are also huge and man-made. They are naturally carved through valleys and trough hills. These tracks are packed with sand or hard-pack watered dirt.

You do not have to worry about anything on track days. Staff will warm your bike and make last minute preparations to the tracks. You can use this time to change into your riding gear. MX holidays in Spain also allow you to ride without being on a time limit or worrying about crowded tracks.

Access To Track Side Support

If you are riding in a new location, then you are not familiar with your surroundings. MX holiday packages offer track side support. The people who provide this service want to make sure you are happy with the conditions. They will take you around the tracks to brief you on dangers and hazards. Staff also refuel your bike and transport it to the different locations.  

Spain is a beautiful country. You do not have to spend the entire trip training. When you are not riding, you can take in sightseeing, visit attractions, enjoy food and wine, visit historical monuments or just enjoy the culture. If you compete, then it helps to train year-round to stay in shape. It is also important to ride in a safe environment without distractions.